Carpet Cleaning Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

Why must I clean my carpets?

Carpets are known to harbor all types of germs and bacteria. Some bloodsucking insects are also known to inhabit dirty carpets such as dust mites, flees from pets and many others. Thus, it is important for the health of your family that you ensure that your carpets are always clean.

Do you offer other cleaning services that I could order with the carpet cleaning service?

Yes, some of our other cleaning services include:

  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Curtains and Drapery Cleaning
  • Business Cleaning Services
  • Deep Mattress Cleaning
  • Furniture Pet Stain Removals
  • Furniture Odour Removals

What do you require from me before I receive your services?

We only require a deposit once you have received and approved the carpet cleaning quotation and after that we will be arriving to your property in no time to start with cleaning all the carpets in your home or business.

Do you take the carpets or clean them in my home?

Our flexible options allow you to choose if you would like us to clean your carpets on-site or if you would like us to take your carpets to our workshop where it will be cleaned. Let us know your preferred cleaning location when requesting our services.